Best WooCommerce Themes for Toy Stores

Selecting a suitable theme is crucial for creating a captivating and user-friendly shopping experience. The store’s theme can affect your sales and conversion rates.

This article will explore the best WooCommerce themes for toy stores, each designed to attract and engage your target audience effectively. These themes help to showcase your products in an appealing way. Dive into it to find a perfect option for your store. 

Top 9 Best WooCommerce Themes for Toy Stores


A screenshot of Juno’s demo - one of the best WooCommerce themes for toy stores

Juno is a top-quality WordPress theme designed for kids’ toy stores and video game outlets. The theme is compatible with crucial plugins like WPBakery and WooCommerce. It provides all the tools needed for a functional and attractive online store. It also supports Elementor page builder for enhanced customization, and its powerful framework ensures robust performance.

Juno has a visually engaging design. Its fully responsive layout adjusts beautifully across all devices. Juno’s colorful and playful design, coupled with advanced functionalities like Swiper and Revolution sliders, Google Maps integration, and various pre-designed pages, makes it a perfect choice for businesses targeting young audiences. The theme’s flexibility in colors and typography further allows you to customize your site to align with your brand’s style. This helps ensure a captivating shopping experience for customers.

Pricing: $69

Kid Toys Store

A screenshot of Kids Toy Store’s demo

The Kid Toys Store theme offers a modern and lively option for those eager to launch an online store targeting children. Thanks to its playful design and user-friendly features, it is perfectly suited for toy stores, preschools, childcare centers, and nurseries. This mobile-friendly WordPress theme ensures a great shopping experience on all devices. It offers many customization options, including custom backgrounds, menus, colors, headers, and logos.

The theme features clean and secure coding, enhancing its SEO friendliness and boosting your search engine rankings. It is also translation-ready for a global audience. Kid Toys Store is free to use, making it a great choice for businesses starting out or on a budget.

Pricing: Free


A screenshot of Inflatables’ demo

The Inflatables theme is a vibrant and free WooCommerce theme tailored for online stores selling trampolines and bouncers. Built on the Cherry Framework 3 and incorporating Bootstrap, it ensures a responsive design that adjusts easily across all devices. Inflatables is search engine friendly and has an easy-to-navigate admin panel, enhancing user and admin experiences.

Its lively rainbow color scheme and bright imagery effectively establish a playful brand identity. That’s ideal for businesses to inject fun and excitement into their offerings. Inflatables is well-compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce, making it a nice choice for entrepreneurs looking to showcase their products in an engaging online environment.

Pricing: Free


A screenshot of KidsPress’s demo

KidsPress is great for childcare centers, kindergartens, preschools, toy shops, and similar businesses. The theme is easy to customize, offering great flexibility and simplicity of use, even for those with no coding skills. Its adaptable layout and resizable design elements ensure a seamless display on all devices.

The theme has playful icons, unlimited color choices, and a beautiful gallery. These things enable you to create an attractive and inviting online presence. It’s fully compatible with WooCommerce, making setting up an online store easy. In addition, KidsPress is SEO-optimized and translation-ready, ensuring your site reaches a broad audience. 

Pricing: Free, $59/year for the Pro version


A screenshot of WhiteRabbit’s demo

WhiteRabbit is a responsive and visually appealing WordPress theme. It’s designed for online kids’ stores, including niches like kids’ video games and children’s fashion. This theme combines elegance with functionality, making it a standout choice for those looking to establish a sophisticated online presence in the children’s market.

It has many custom features and is compatible with top plugins, enhancing its utility and ease of use. WhiteRabbit includes a powerful set of shortcodes that simplify page creation without needing coding skills. It also offers multiple layout options with four home page designs. The theme is 100% responsive, ensuring its nice performance on all devices.

Pricing: $69

Kids R Us

A screenshot of Kids R US’s demo

Kids R Us is designed for online toy stores and a variety of kid-related products, including sports equipment and costumes. It features a responsive layout that can adjust to various devices, ensuring a perfect viewing experience across all screens. The theme is equipped with a user-friendly interface that allows for easy updates and customization.

Its custom admin panel provides a wide range of options to customize your site, enhanced by numerous intuitive shortcodes that facilitate page construction. Social network integration through custom widgets for platforms like Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter elevates user interaction. Besides, it supports multilingual configurations via the WPML plugin, allowing you to access a global audience.

Pricing: $59


A screenshot of Hayden’s demo

Hayden is a highly versatile WooCommerce theme for kids’ clothing, toys, video games, and baby items. The theme stands out with its ability to easily customize colors, icons, headings, and fonts. It allows each store owner to add a personal touch quickly. 

Hayden includes advanced features like retina image support, flexible typography, and SEO optimization to enhance your online presence. In addition, it’s equipped with tools for real-time customer interaction, including chat buttons, and integrates smoothly with secure payment gateways for effective online sales. With its multiple homepage demos, Hayden simplifies the process of building an e-commerce platform for any baby or kids’ store.

Pricing: $59


A screenshot of BonBon’s demo

BonBon is a minimalistic theme for children’s activities and products. It has a clean and user-friendly design. The theme offers eight homepage layouts, providing many choices to tailor the storefront to your specific needs. With just a one-click demo installation, you can set it up straightforwardly.

Designed for optimal mobile performance, BonBon ensures a great shopping experience on all devices. It provides powerful functionality, including product quick views, variation swatches, and comprehensive support for multilingual setups. This theme is ideal for retailers seeking a beautiful, efficient, and adaptable online presence.

Pricing: $19-$99, depending on the plan


A screenshot of KidDaboo’s demo

KidDaboo combines event planning and retail functionalities into a single cohesive platform. This theme incorporates everything from toys to balloons, making it a design for children’s parties. It’s suitable for both selling kids’ items and organizing celebratory events. 

The theme owns a drag-and-drop page builder, which simplifies creating new pages and arranging content, making website management easier. Its powerful tools and intuitive design ensure that building and managing a kid-focused website is straightforward and effective. It provides a user-friendly experience for event organizers and online retailers.

Pricing: $67-$87, depending on the license

How to Choose The Best Toy Store Themes?

What to look for in a toy store theme? Here’s a breakdown of key considerations!


You should start by looking for themes that offer features specific to e-commerce and, more specifically, toy stores. This includes product galleries, wishlist capabilities, and easy-to-use checkout systems. Also, ensure that the theme is compatible with essential WooCommerce plugins that can help expand your store’s functionality.


The design of your theme is crucial as it reflects your brand and attracts customers. A toy store will need a playful, colorful design that is appealing. The theme should be responsive and adjustable to different screen sizes and devices. It should also be SEO-friendly to help your store rank better in search engine results.


Budget is always an important factor when choosing a theme. Some themes are free, while premium options come with more features and support. Consider your store’s needs against your budget. Keep in mind that investing in a good theme can lead to higher long-term returns due to improved user experience and sales.


A good theme should be flexible and customizable. It allows you to tweak layouts, change colors, and add custom logos and headers without needing to code. This flexibility lets you tailor the theme to match your unique brand and meet specific needs.


Consider the level of support that the theme provider offers. Effective customer support can reduce time and frustration, especially if you encounter issues with the theme. Check if the theme provider offers comprehensive documentation, support forums, or direct support options.


Choosing the best WooCommerce theme for your toy store involves checking many theme-related factors. However, the themes we’ve discussed can be nice options that cater to various aspects of selling and promoting children’s products online. Consider your business’s needs and select the one that suits you best!


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