Enhance Your WooCommerce Store with These Top 8 Elementor Addons

Build a website with Elementor page builder, one of the most popular drag-and-drop page creation plugins to edit websites. Elementor helps you create WordPress pages easily with a visual editor.

You can take advantage of many features of this page builder. In addition to the available features, we want to share some more secrets we have researched. By adding specific add-ons tailored for WooCommerce, you can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your online store.

Through this blog post, we will explore the top 8 Elementor add-ons that will help you boost your WooCommerce store, attract more customers, and increase sales. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, these add-ons will take your store to the next level and set you apart from the competition.

How is Elementor Beneficial For Your WooCommerce Store?

Wanna build a great website, we can’t help but think of Elementor, this is a powerful page builder plugin for WordPress that allows you to create stunning websites easily and quickly.

When integrating your website to create a WooCommerce store, Elementor becomes an even more dynamic tool for building and customizing WooCommerce stores. By combining the flexibility and creativity of Elementor with the robust eCommerce features of WooCommerce, you can create a visually appealing and user-friendly online store that can help boost your sales and conversions.

With Elementor page builder, your website will also be optimized with SEO. Easily design your WooCommerce store in the style you desire, Elementor also helps reduce the hassle of the website building process. It is a powerful and easy builder with flexible tools like fonts, advanced backgrounds, images, customer reviews, sliders, icons, and motion effects to build unique website designs effectively.

No matter which device your WooCommerce store is displayed on, features within Elementor allow you to tweak the design to work perfectly on each device.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced web designer, Elementor and WooCommerce integration offer endless possibilities for creating a successful online store that stands out in today’s competitive digital marketplace.

Top 8 Elementor Addons for WooCommerce Store

There are plenty of Elementor addons to assist you in building or rebuilding the website you already have to get your dream website. You will most likely encounter ironic situations or be overwhelmed with the number of Elementor add-ons available, you can go out with any of the 8 options below that can help boost your WooCommerce store.

Essential Addons for Elementor

Essential - Elementor Addons

To design a perfect WooCommerce store, you need to pay attention to some elements, Essential Addons is the most suitable plugin to support you. This addon offers a wide range of elements and extensions that can enhance the functionality and design of your WooCommerce store.

It provides you with over 5000 ready templates to freely design your WooCommerce store. This addon will make your website more beautiful than ever, easily customize every design element in the website, and you will achieve nearly any design with your imagination.

Essential Addons also receive the love of many users, with more than 2 million happy users, the Elementor community is growing stronger and stronger.

This addon provides 2 versions for users to feel comfortable using. Some elements are available for free, you don’t need any coding skills, and it allows you to design stunning websites. With the premium version, you will experience more features, turning you into a professional website designer when you can design every corner of your website.

Essential Addons offers flexible pricing that works for everyone. You can refer to the demo of this add-on and make suitable choices for your website. Essential Addons for Elementor is a premium plugin starting at $39.98 for 1 website.

Features List:

  • 40+ widgets are readily available.
  • 29+ additional elements.
  • Provides easy-to-use and creative elements.
  • Lightweight and won’t greatly impact your website load time.
  • Fully customizable templates and blocks.
  • Flexible pricing.

Happy Addons

Happy Addons - Elementor Addons for WooCommerce Store

Another powerful Elementor widget comes up with tons of exclusive and unique features – Happy Addons. Surely will not disappoint you, this addon offers a variety of creative and advanced elements that can be used to enhance the visual appeal and user experience of your WooCommerce store.

Having this addon on your website is the ultimate tool to help you turn your creative web design fantasies into reality. Happy Addons provides more than 400 beautiful ready blocks, you can easily customize the design of each block.

In addition, with a library containing more than 600 unique icons, your WooCommerce store will become more eye-catching, expressing more specifically the information you want to bring to customers.

If you are running more than 1 website, you can easily take designs from one website to another with the cross-domain copy-paste feature, helping you work on multiple websites.

To improve user experience, Happy Addons allows users to create countless custom sections and nest them together. With each section, you can create a dynamic website, creating animations that make your website stand out.

This feature-rich widgets addon offers 2 versions: free and pro for users. You can download Happy Addons for free at the WordPress repository. With the pro version, it will only cost you $39 for 1 site for 1 year.

With countless features, try to see how Happy Addons can bring you great design experiences!

Features List:

  • Provides 143+ free & pro widgets & 24+ features to enhance Elementor.
  • 70+ full-page Elementor templates and 500+ template blocks.
  • Can copy and paste elements from one domain to another.
  • Add unlimited section nesting. 
  • Display content depending on conditions.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements

With hundreds of professionally designed templates available, you can now customize them to your WooCommerce store with Envato Elements. Save a lot of your time in the process of creating a new website or WooCommerce store, no matter what niche you are in, because this addon allows you to import full website/page templates.

There is no limit to the number of templates you can import to design, moreover, you can download unlimited Template Kits and millions of creative assets to make your website more vivid. Especially you don’t need to spend any money.

This addon will be a completely free resource for you to utilize for your website, from photos & videos to backgrounds & fonts.

Envato Elements is also loved by many website creators. Join us to explore it and create your website like a professional.

Features List:

  • One-click import of full/page templates.
  • Unlimited downloads of all template kits and millions of creative assets.
  • No restrictions import of templates.
  • Code-free designs.

Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons for Elementor

The next addon in this list is Premium Addons. This addon offers a variety of stylish and functional elements that can be used to create dynamic and engaging product pages for your WooCommerce store.

To help you expand your Elementor page builder, this plugin provides more than 500 pre-built section templates, feel free to choose the appropriate template and attach it to your website to customize, helping to upgrade your website design.

With some content widgets, you have full control over every corner of your website to create a professional WooCommerce store.

Additionally, this plugin features integration with Lottie Animations, WooCommerce, and WPML translation ready. It also helps optimize SEO and improve website loading speed with modular and lightweight features.

Premium Addons will assist you in having a great WooCommerce store, allowing you to display product listings and conditions for promotional banners, modal popups, notification messages, and more.

With so many great features, don’t hesitate to try the free version of Premium Addons. To experience more advanced features, the pro version of this plugin will not disappoint you.

Features List:

  • Come up with 500+ pre-built section templates.
  • 90+ widgets, add-ons, and global features
  • Integrated with WooCommerce, Lottie Animations, and WPML.
  • Lightweight and modular.
  • Cross-domain copy and paste.

PowerPack for Elementor


Also an addon for website design, it brings more than 70 powerful elementor widgets. PowerPack addon provides a collection of unique widgets and extensions that can help you design attractive product pages, cart pages, and checkout pages for your WooCommerce store.

With this addon, your website design process will be easier with more than 150 professionally designed section blocks provided, you can import existing designs and customize them.

Even if you manage multiple websites at the same time, you can take templates from one website to another with the cross-domain copy-paste feature. Be able to customize and control every corner of your website, including login, signup pages, form styler widgets, and dynamic display conditions.

Intending to create a WooCommerce store, PowerPack also integrates features to assist you in having a great eCommerce website. It is also highly appreciated by many users for its phenomenal support.

This plugin offers a free version for users, it is available in the WordPress repository. For a better experience, you can upgrade this plugin to the premium version with affordable plans, starting from $49/site for 1 year.

Features List:

  • Having 70+ unique, creative, and premium Elementor addon.
  • 350+ pre-designed templates.
  • Users can copy-paste sections or content from one website to another.
  • Can customize login and signup pages.
  • Use the PowerPack wrapper link feature.



Another type of Elementor addon is the theme, in this article we want to mention Ocean WP – a popular theme that integrates seamlessly with Elementor and WooCommerce, providing advanced customization options and responsive design for your online store.

No matter what niche you are in, whether you are a beginner in website design or a professional, Ocean WP will be an effective tool for you. It is considered a chameleon among WordPress themes, you have complete rights to customize your website on a global and individual page level.

OceanWP offers 220+ templates for Elementor and you can easily import your desired full website template with a single click, the design power is in your hands.

When building a website with Elementor page builders, OceanWP will be the theme that helps you display a website that looks and functions amazingly across all devices. Enhance customer experience as it supports complete translation and RTL-ready.

Features List:

  • Provides 220+ templates for Elementor and Gutenberg.
  • Fully customize the website on a global and individual page level.
  • Completely translated and RTL-ready.
  • Import templates with a single-click option.
  • Compatible with all SEO and translation plugins.
  • Integrations for WooCommerce.

Starter Templates

Starter Templates

Developed by Brainstorm Force, Starter Templates is a powerful addon to help users create websites with Elementor page builder. By using this addon, we can create professional-looking websites without any hassle.

Leveraging the power of AI, this addon allows you to create and design WooCommerce stores faster than ever.

With Starter Templates, you get access to 280+ pre-made full website templates and individual pages. Then, easily bring your desired templates into your website created with Elementor with the ability to import, drag, and drop design elements.

Creating a lightweight website for your WooCommerce store to enhance customer experience has never been easier.

Features List:

  • Provides high-quality stock images.
  • Get access to ready-made templates to import to your website.
  • Integrates with ZipWP.
  • Import different templates/pages on the same site.
  • Beautifully designed templates.
Jet Product Gallery

The last addon on this list is JetProductGallery, an addon specifically designed to enhance the presentation of your products. It also allows you to create beautiful image galleries and sliders for showcasing your merchandise effectively.

Working with Elementor page builder, this addon provides several gallery content types, you can design them to suit any product or present each in a different layout, including Product Gallery Slider, Gallery Grid, Anchor Navigation, and Product Images. This will help increase the eye-catching appearance of your WooCommerce store. With those galleries, your WooCommerce products stand out, all images will look nice and trendy in them.

You have over control to customize the interface of the gallery. To experience the great features of this addon, you can sign up for a subscription for only $23 per year.

Features List:

  • Offer some gallery content types.
  • 4 Elementor gallery widgets.
  • Zoom effect for images.
  • Convenient navigation to the product gallery.
  • Can set the image and thumbnail size. 
  • Customize all gallery elements.

Final Thoughts 

As we know building a website takes a lot of time and support. However, by having Elementor page builder – the most powerful page builder on your WordPress website, everything can be resolved, because it is extremely easy to use even for beginners. In addition to its great features, we have also recommended some useful add-ons to assist you. Addons with different features will help you save a lot of time and effort in creating a website or WooCommerce store that suits the style you desire.

Take a look at the top 8 addons we have recommended, hopefully, you will choose some good addons that can assist you in the process of building and enhancing your WooCommerce store.


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